Insights of Pakistan, Iran and the Caucasus Studies

Insights of Pakistan, Iran and the Caucasus Studies (IPICS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed multidisciplinary open-access academic journal (ISSN-Print: 2958-5112 and ISSN-Online: 2958-5120) that has to publish monthly (from April 01, 2023) from Islamabad (Pakistan). The nature of its publication is quadrilingual, and it facilitates English, Urdu, Persian and Russian readers globally. The major site of research concerns Pakistan, Iran and the contemporary Caucasus – the independent states of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the North Caucasian republics and regions within the Russian Federation.

IPICS also provides a forum for sharing personal experiences within the context of analyzing economic, socio-political, ethnic, religious or other developments elaborated in the form of an autobiographical essay, poetry and/or travelogue. By combining academic and personal approaches for presenting personal experiences, the journal aims at providing an exceptional interdisciplinary platform for constructive dialogue between a variety of viewpoints, approaches, and methodologies in the IPICS’ addressed area(s).